Playing the viola and performing with great musicians and partners is a real passion, that I everyday nurture and develop with new ideas. This rich mosaic is probably the best way to define my musical identity ; it consists of many projects, researches and collaborations transforming my interactions with the public into intense and personal moments.

Through the years, I developed several of them, keeping in the back of my head constant thoughts about expression and narration. Music does not have words, instead, it speaks to a deeper level of comprehension to move people directly in their heart. To be able to reach my public as directly and deeply as I can, I always strive to give a meaning and an essential role to every motive and every note I play.

These musical projects take the form of a reflection on those aspects: the viola and the voice, or how the viola can become a voice.

It all started with Schubert’s Winterreise, when I was 17. (Read more…)

I furthered my exploration with Love Tales and Fairy Stories when I lived in Boston. (Read more…)

My Artist Diploma in Paris was focusing on “The voices of the viola”, and led me to record my first solo CD. (Read more…)

And the last born of them: an ambitious musical tale after Janacek’s opera “The Cunning little Vixen”. (Listen..)

In addition to those I initiated, I also take part in some remarkable projects from my friends and colleagues, that focus on the extensive sharing of the music with an audience who otherwise has a challenging access to classical music.

International Community Engagement Program

Créations en cours