Violist Benjamin Beck

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International Press:

“Benjamin Beck, with his impetuous and magical playing … beautiful phrasing and elegant interpretation … provoked tears of his Basque audience and a standing ovation”

— Sud-Ouest, France

“…wonderfully touching and expressive interpretation…a flexibility and soloistic virtuosity making a long-lasting impression…”

— Volksfreund, Germany

 “…a young musician with a generous and profound sound, powerfully embedding plentiful warmth and roundness…

— 新潟日報モア, Japan

“Playing music is an immense privilege and joy. It can speak directly to the heart of each person: music does not need words. I seek the most sincere and direct routes to express its unspeakable emotions and feelings and to communicate with the audience in the voice of music.

To fulfill this passion and making my viola a voice of its own, I am continually exploring new experiences and possibilities in performing, creating and sharing. It is a wonderful chance to be able to share my music with the world and bring these deep sentiments to life.”

— Benjamin Beck

Benjamin Beck, viola, violist, altist, Bratscher, 中提琴, musician

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